Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter

THQ 2009
Continue the adventure in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, for the Nintendo DS!

Five beautiful hand drawn and animated worlds open up the user to the entire world of Raposa! From the bubbling depths of Lavasteam to the Eloquent Victorian town of Watersong, you must restore color to the world, and save it from a resurgent Wilfre. Mari, Jowee, Heather and the cast from Drawn to Life return, along with dozens of new characters, with an engaging story that reveals a stunning truth behind the Raposa.


  • Over 45 levels
  • Improved Draw mode includes 64 colors and allows you to resize, add, or remove limbs
  • Choose from 3 archetypes each with unique abilities: Spider, Blob, and Humanoid
  • Use ‘Action Draw’ mode to draw directly in each level to solve puzzles and bypass obstacles