5TH Cell was founded in 2003 by Jeremiah Slaczka, Joseph M Tringali and Marius Fahlbusch. The owners are actively involved in the day to day running of the business, and we’re 100% independent of any external publisher or investor.

The company started off by making original IP mobile games for Nokia Series 40/60 handsets. After a brief transition into licensed mobile work, we moved back into Original IP development with our first Nintendo DS title, Drawn to Life, in 2007. Drawn to Life was a big hit, which turned into a franchise, eventually selling 5 million units. We shipped our second Nintendo DS title, Lock’s Quest, in 2008. In 2009, we partnered with Warner Brothers to bring our third original IP, Scribblenauts to market. Scribblenauts won scores of awards, including several AIAS, GD Choice and Best of E3. The franchise has entertained millions of gamers, and spawned several original titles in that universe, all developed  or co-developed by 5TH Cell.

We launched a premium iOS title, Run Roo Run in 2011, and in 2012, we launched our first 2 console titles, Hybrid for XBLA and Scribblenauts Unlimited, a launch title for the Nintendo WiiU. 2013 saw the launch of Scribblenauts Unmasked, Maxwell’s adventure alongside superheroes from the DC Comics Universe.

After 12 years in business, we’re still as excited as ever to develop innovative franchises for our fans. If you’re a fan, we encourage you to check out and like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter. If you work in games, and think our company would be a fit, please check out our current job openings. 



Jeremiah is the Creative Director at 5TH Cell, focusing on inventing and directing creative, innovative original IP. He is responsible for the concepts behind Drawn to Life, Lock’s Quest and Scribblenauts, as well as all current and original projects. He was #90 on the list of Next-Gen.biz “Hottest 100 Game Developers of 2008″. Jeremiah is an owner and co-founder of 5TH Cell.



Joseph’s background is in the MMOG space, starting his career at Funcom and working in production at En-Tranz Entertainment in Hong Kong. His role has been Executive Producer on all 5TH Cell titles, with a primary responsibility of managing third party relations, as well as the day to day business operations of the company. Joseph is an owner and co-founder of 5TH Cell.



Marius holds a BS/MS in Engineering from the University of Munich, with a Thesis in Augmented Reality. Marius has been involved in a technical capacity with all of 5TH Cell’s projects going back to 2003, when he joined as an owner and director. Marius guides the technical direction on all 5TH Cell projects.